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 Armala,Dada Gaun

Armala,Dada Gaun


Armala is a town and Village Development Committee in Kaski District in the Gandaki Zone of northern-central Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 4,921 persons living in 1,012 individual households.

Armala VDC lies in the northern side of Kaski District of Gandaki Zone of Nepal. The VDC borders Sildure in North, Gharmi Pokhara in North-south, Mauja in East, Puranchaur VDC in West and Pokhara Metropolitan City along with Valam in South. According to Administrative and Political division, this VDC is divided into 9 wards. This VDC occupies 36.01 km2 area.

AS this VDC has a graveled road linked with Mahendra Cave Armala Road, anyone can have easy access up to the VDC.

Historically, there is no legal and acceptable saying about the naming of the VDC. Although, people predict the following saying about the naming of the VDC.

This VDC is named as Armala, as there used to be lots fruits named Amala. Since then people started to call as Amala, Amala, which later came to known as Armala.

Before, as people. Farmers leave their animals freely in this area, animals used to eat lots of crops, due to which they need to pay for the crops as fine, which is known as Armal. Since the system of paying Armal was more, people used to call the place as Armal, which then becomes Armala.

Armala is surrounded by thick green forest of different trees and plants like Chanp, Katus, Uttis, Kalche, Laligurans (Rododendron), Chandan, Kafal, Falat, Lalupate, Paiyeu, Simal etc.

Different animals like Tiger, bear, leopard, nyale bag, harin, ghoral, fox, jackal, rabit, deer, wild cat etc. are found here.

Different birds like danfe, munal, eagle, vulture, sparrow, danger, crane, ureli, dhikur, bankukhura, kalij, crow, maluwa, litchi, titro, parrot, raja chara, rani chara etc. are found here.

We find people of different cast living together sharing their culture and supporting each other.

A place in Armala named Kalamuda is a drinking water source for Pokhara Metropolitan city and surrounding places.


In the Northern side of the VDC lies Great Annapurna Range, it has cold air and water. Here, temperature ranges maximum to 33oC in Summer Season and minimum 6oC in winter season.

Tourism destinations in Armala

1. Dhikidando: - Is a good view point and a good place for paragliding, which comes in 2nd no. for paragliding after sarangkot.

2. Jhuprangkot: - a good view point.

3. Naudhara:- we find 9 waterfall and temple of different god and goddesses

4. Armala kot: - a high hill with almost 1640m. a good place for view point. Siddha temple and kot having their own cultural and historical specialties is here.

5. Chokodando: - a high hill with a height of almost 2640 m. Ages ago it is a place where religious people used to go for meditation. Old people predict that part of Kathmandu valley can be seen from this place with good quality telescope in clean weather.

6. Tande-Bisauna: - A stone in which if you hit by your hand, drops of water pours from the stone which is named as Damaha Dhunga is situated here.

7. D-Gaun: - Different temples are situated here.

8. Simlekuna: - A fresh and beautiful cave named crazy cave is situated here.

9. Kur: - Base of Armala VDC. In the distance of 1 km we can find more than 10 caves here. A beautiful rock garden is also situated here.

10. Kalikhola :- a good picnic spot

11. Nagi: - a good view point from where whole pokhara and surrounding districts can be seen.

12. Chhaharepani:- Best society of Honest peoples. different sources of water are found here.

Amazing places in Armala

1) Damaha Dhunga :-Damaha dhunga is naturally mysterious and amazing in its own way. Anyone who hit this stone with small one by offering flowers to it, water pours from it same like tears from eyes. According to Hindu mythology, if one plead a wish while offering flower to this stone, if drops of water pour from the stone, it is said that the wish you made gets fulfilled.

2) CRAZY CAVE:- It is 600m in length. We can find limestones sparkling like a diamond in the ceiling after walking 25m inside at 45o angle. Moving ahead watching different structures inside the cave, there is a place suitable for meditation which is really attractive. Moving ahead watching different structures inside the cave, we see other cave within the cave, which is adventurous and delightfully interesting. As we go below, we find a water pond. We can go almost 1000m inside the cave during Asad to Falgun while 1200m from Chaitra to Jeth.

3) HOLI CAVE: - This cave is suitable for meditation. Here we can find two types of bats according to weather. Including North and East, there are two entry points for the cave. It is delightfully interesting and adventurous walk from Eastern entry while it is a long walk and one can meditate from northern entry. This cave is of 800 m in length.


 welcome at  our farm house !

We have been developing an organic farm to create a sustainable organic farm and to introduce a growing number of people to sustainable and law impact living.  Our farm is located in Pumdi  Bhumdi and Armala VDC  at Dadnda gaun of Kaski District in West Nepal.

Our region is one of the riches village in west Nepal  in term of wildlife, different culture and sports located in the adjacent of Annapurna Conservation area  which  is quite famous for   tiger, chital, barking dear,   along with   varieties of birds.

Staying on our farms, you will have opportunities to gain hands-on experience helping farmers and local communities cultivate and harvest organic crops, vegetables fruits, herbs through sustainable farming methods. You will also have great opportunities to experience rural Nepali lifestyles and practice Nepali. Volunteers participate in the seasonal and daily rounds of the farm and household.

Location Map

Our Products:

1.Seasonal and non seasonal Vegetables  prodoct

Such as:   Ground and Tree Tomatoes,  Cucumber, spinach, salad Vegetables such as( Chines and Thai Veg) carrots, Pumkins,Radish,Capsicums,Green Beans and Red Chilli including (Akabare) and Skush


Snobbery, Banana and many others fruits

3.Herbs and other plants

Ginger, Meant, sugar plants, Aloe vera, Tea and Coffee

4.Live stock

Including, Goat, Cow, Chicken, Pork and Fish Farm and many more as possible

5.Plants Includes,

Bodha Chitta, Rudraxya,Tilashi,Rakta chandan and many more…….


Rose, glades, marigold and many more such  as Khrist-mas  plant (Lalupate) as well rat korani


Volunteering in our Farm House 

Specific activities may include:

*milking buffaloes


*planting or harvesting vegetables, fruits, crops and herbs

*developing forest farms

*helping to design new projects

*preparing compost

*controlling pests with organic methods

*preparing organic liquid fertilizers

*preparing biogas.


We need some volunteers, guest and travelers working to help us for developing this farm and preserving the customs, traditions and environmental of the local area and live and work with nature.


Typically Nepali house and cottages in the farm. Volunteer will be provided a separate room with a bed and some furniture. We have 24 hours Free Wi-Fi internet in our farm house area.


Volunteers are offered Nepali delicious food “Dhal- Bhat”, roti Tarkari and Achaar(rice, lentil soup, vegetable curry, pickle and some time milk item ) twice a day for lunch and dinner.

Tea is served in morning and afternoon with some biscuit or naan bread. Volunteers also can cook themselves their own dish and learn to cook Nepali dish.

Saturday is the day off in our farm.

During this day off, Volunteer can do hiking  program in our own village. The available  day hiking  programs are  Panchase Hill, bird watching,  Gurung , culture Dance, Cycling (Mountain Biking)  tours and so on.

Staying in our farm, volunteers should participate in other programs.

Teaching English in school:

Volunteers will teach students who are eager to improve conversational English skills. You will be teaching in community school and library. You will also have the opportunity to teach other subjects such as math, science, music geography, art, and dance, depending on your area of interest and expertise.

Women Empowerment:

The purpose is to Improve livelihoods of poor women by training them in the use and maintenance of agricultural farming and processing. Volunteers educate to women and girls groups. You should teach women right, women health, lively hood skill and where ever you know depending on your skill and expertise. You should also support and inspire to women and girls to start new lively hood business.

Environmental Awareness:

volunteers teach environmental awareness and sanitation in local schools or at an Environmental Post and participate in community running Environmental project like developing green village and eco-village, planting trees, education on garbage management, starting recycling programs, creating smokeless stoves, building toilet pits and so on.

We would kindly request that volunteers contribute USD$ 10.00 per day for food and accommodation cost.

Please feel free contact us for more information.



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