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Agro-Tourism in Nepal

Agro-Tourism in Nepal

Sky Lark Treks gives more priority to Agro-tourism in Nepal, with the objective of showcasing new unexplored areas, promoting and developing the economy and life styles of locals (indigenous) people residing in rural area.

Nepal is known as an agricultural country in the world. The statistic shows that more than seventy percent of its population involve in farming. However, the farmers are not able to get expected benefits due to lack of modern technology and ideas.

Sky Lark Treks believes that agro tourism allows you to be in close connection with the inhabitants of small rural villages who have been involved in traditional way of agriculture. During the tour, you will be able to know, how food grains are harvested, sorted and preserved, how vegetables can be grown organically, how freshly picked fruits are turned into delicious marmalades, how goats are milked, cheeses are made and so on..

Nepal has plenty of natural resources, which has helped to make agro-tourism more popular and fascinating among tourists.If you have a tour during summer season, you will be excited to see the farmers being involved in rice plantation. The techniques they follow for plantation and harvesting differ from one place to another. The laborious farmers turn their field into an opera theatre where they sing local songs and exchange funny remarks to avoid the sluggishness and sense of hard work.

Likewise, if you tour in winter season, you can see the fields that are like decorated as the wheat plant starts sprouting across the land. These are only the example, you do not have to be limited only two seasons, but every season is rich in its agricultural product which would provide you a life time experience.Rice, wheat and maize are the major crops of Nepal. But, farming systems of crop in Nepal differs from one place to another across the agricultural zones.

Geographically, the country is divided into four ecological parts: the southern terai plain; the southern mountain ranges; the central hilly part; the northern great Himalayas.Rice wheat and maize are predominant in the terai and middle hills, whereas in the high mountains maize, millet, barley and buckwheat are cultivated. Similarly, tea, ginger, cardamom and coffee these important cash crops are dominant in the middle hills.

Not only the crops but the seasonal fruits are available in the high mountains; citrus in the middle hills; tropical/subtropical fruits are grown in the terai part and middle hill of the valley. Vegetable-growing in kitchen gardens is also practiced at all elevations.

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