Tibet, or the "Roof of the World", is a world of mountains posing ever-changing challenges to mountaineers who always want to scale new heights or climb mountains that have been climbed before or by different routes. After mankind conquered both the Antarctic and Arctic in the 20th century, explorers turned their attention to the Tibetan Plateau. For millennia this land of majestic mountains was shrouded in mystery and beyond the reach of most aspiring mountaineers and are popular with mountaineers who wish to test their strength and spirit and transcend the limits imposed by nature on human endeavor.

The Tibetan Plateau has an average altitude of over 4,000 meters with many world-famous mountain ranges renowned for their elevation, relative young age and spectacular scenery. In the Himalayan Range alone, there are over 50 peaks with elevations of more than 7,000 meters and 11 peaks above 8,000 meters. In order to accommodate the needs of mountaineers from around the world, a number of mountain peaks have been open to international climbers since 1980.


Our company has led many climbing expeditions and our guides are well experienced climbing guides. They are trained to take you safely into the "thin air" of the Himalayas, and are particularly knowledgeable about the acclimatization process. We arrange equipment, climbing permits, all the visa and permits, guides, high-altitude porters, yak and yak men, transport, food provisions and accessories. 

Below we have made a selection of mountain peaks that we organize from the Tibet side:

Mountaineering Packages of tibet

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