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Arjundhara Jaleshwardham

Arjundhara Jaleshwardham

Arjundhara Jaleshwardham is a religious site of jhapa, Nepal. It is also known as the pashupatinath of the east.The religious hindu beleaves and it's history has made this place a attractive place for the local and foreign tourist. It lies in the Arjundhara VDC.Dispite of being a religious site of hindu lord Ram, Many people of different religious come here seeking the beauty of nature and pieceful environment here. Arjundhara Jaleshwardham is a religious site of lord Arjun. A large and beautiful pagoda style temple made in 2065BS, the religious pond and its history is the main attraction of the place. Besides that there are many more things very attractive that can be found in this place.It is said that Arjun had come here and had extracted the pond here, which is said to be very religious. The only 'gurukul' in the whole jhapa is established here. In accordings to The great saga of Mahavarat.

Many years ago when there was dispite between 'pandab'and'caurav'(characters of The Mahavarat).The cauravs won the pandavs by using fake tricks. It was mentioned already that the looser should live in forest for 12 years and they will have to live a secret life for one year. As the pandavs had lost they went and leaved in the forest for 12 years. For living secret life they came to present biratnagar to the king birat. The cauravs thought that the pandavs were hiding in the king Birat's place so they kidnapped the cows of king birat. Arjun (one of the pandav brothers) and Uthar (son of king Birat) were sent to rescue the cows. After the cows were rescued, Arjun extracted water by using his bow & arrow for those cows.

 source: Lila Siwakoti

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