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Sunkoshi River Rafting

Sunkoshi River Rafting

Sunkoshi River Rafting - 10 Days

A trans-boundary river that spans across two nations,is an adrenaline pumping river circuit that starts from Baseri (Dolalghat) and ends at Chatara. Sun Koshi River Rafting provides you a perfect setting for those who feel at ease with the rapids, combined with awe-inspiring and eye catching landscapes that become prominent at each bend and twirl. Sun koshi river rafting has all the ingredients of excellent river rafting that expands for a long time and is and ideal mix of challenges and ease.

Sun Koshi river rafting initiates from Baseri is 3 hours drive from Kathmandu to the east. Among many advantages of a long river trip, it is a pleasant diversity of things within a short span of time with a chance to see different species of flora and fauna available around the basin. It is a 4-5 graded and challenging Wild River in east Nepal. Tour not recommended in the months February to April. There are dozens of adrenaline pumping big rapids and miles of calm water to reflect on this beautiful area with scenery.

Skylark treks has tailor made itinerary, perfectly designed for those who wish to spend their time under the peaceful bounty of nature along with miles and miles of calm water along with challenging rapids along the course. Experience this wonderful artistry of waters served by nature for you to treasure it lifelong with us. 

There is not any road and town between starting and ending point. Sun koshi means "River of gold" perhaps named after the gold, that is found from the river gravel or alternatively it refers to the orange color of the water in the monsoon when it is thick with flood.


Day 01:
Drive from Kathmandu to starting point Dolalghat. Short rafting and camp in Tarang Gaon.
Day 02:
Raft from Tarang Gaon to Dumja village passing through villages and gradually leaving behind the Langtang ranges. We hit a very technical rapid called Khuei Bhai rapid. Lunch and camp near the Mahadev temple.
Day 03:
Raft from Dumja village to Khunkot.
Day 04:

Raft from Khurkot to Likhu Khola. We pass through few Rai villages enroute and exciting rapids in the afternoon.
Day 05:
Raft from Likhu Khola to Harkapur village. Today we pass through deep gorges with exciting rapids, pleasant floats in the afternoon where you can see Langurs and Rhesus monkeys on the riverbanks.
Day 06:
Raft from Harkapur village to Rai Ghat. Today is one of the most exciting and challenging days of the trip as we encounter some very demanding rapids, Bridge rapids, Krishna rapids, and the famous MANGAL RAPID. After passing the confluence of the Dudh Koshi, we hit one more rapid for the day, Roller Coaster.
Day 07:
Raft from Rai Ghat to Bander Ghat. Today is yet another challenge for the rafters as we hit the rapids with the greatest’s trip demands complete team-work and hard paddle.
Day 08:
Raft from Bander Ghat to Bonjur Ghat. We take to the rapids again, emerging from the Mardheku gorge where the river broadens, less agitated after its confinement between steep cliffs and gorges.
Day 09:

Raft from Bonjur Ghat to Barahchhatra. Today the whole trip is a mixture of fun-filled rapids and calm undulating floats which gives you enough time to relax.
Day 10:
Short raft and we reach out-point Chatara. After lunch, drive to Kathmandu or drive to Biratnagar airport to take flight to onward destination.

Rafting Price: US$ 500.00 per person


Above price: Subject to change without prior notice!

Group size Minimum 2 person and Maximum 12 person in a group


Price Included

  1. Professional rafting guides & safety kayakers.
  2.  First Aid International Wilderness First-Aid.
  3. Professional safety kayakers & back up gear raft support.
  4. International name brand ISO certified rafting & kayaking equipment including full personal outfitting from essential paddles, helmets & life jackets to dry tops, wetsuits, dry bags, pelican boxes.
  5. Accommodation riverside camping /house during travels.
  6. We have top of the line camping equipment including toilet tents, shelters, personal tents, tarpaulins, mattresses, sleeping bags etc.
  7. Meals (local tea house meals while trekking & western meals wile rafting & camping = breakfast, lunch & dinner daily).
  8. We provide fresh, delicious & hygienically prepared food while on the river, including tea, coffee & hot chocolate as well as drinking water.
  9. Round trip private bus transportation.
  10. River permits.


Cost does not Included

  1. Unrelated transportation, visas, travel documents, departure taxes etc.
  2. Local flights (note - there is an option to fly back from Birathnagar - Kathmandu at an additional cost).
  3. Items of a personal nature (toiletries, clothing, camera etc).
  4. Alcohol and junk food.
  5. Plastic bottled mineral water.
  6. We prefer to treat local stream water and help preserve our environment.
  7. Insurance.
  8. We provide insurance for our crew - but participants must be properly insured through an emergency medical travel plan.
  9. We may offer trip photography at a small additional charge - please inquire!
  10. Tips for guides.
  11. If you feel that our crew did a great job, you are invited to offer.
  12. A personal Tip.


Equipment check list-Rafting

  1. Shorts / ½ pant.
  2. Sport sandals.
  3. Polypropylene / quick dry long shirts.
  4. Swim suit.
  5. Track pants / comfortable long pants.
  6. Warm fleece.
  7. Jacket (waterproof shell).
  8. Socks.
  9. Shoes (not big trekking boots).
  10. Pyjamas (something comfortable to sleep in).
  11. Warm hat (in cold months).
  12. Towel.
  13. Personal toiletries.
  14. Sunscreen / sunscreen lip protection.
  15. Water bottle.
  16. Head lamp / flash light.
  17. Personal first aid kit.
  18. Camera.
  19. Sleeping bag (if you do not have one – we will provide a complimentary rental).
  20. A little cash for treats & tips.


River Rafting

Fix Departure



Sun Koshi River Rafting

Grade: V

Duration: 10 days

Best Season:

Feb-April and Oct-Dec

Price: US$ 500.00

Feb 06th ,13th ,20th,and 27th

Mar. 05th,12th,19th and 26th

Apr. 02nd,09th,16th, and 23rd

Oct: 01st,08th,15th and 22nd

Nov: 05th,12th,19th and 26th

Dec:03rd,10th,17th and 27th

Feb: 04th,11th,18th and 25th

Mar: 04th,11th,18th and 25th

April:-01st,08th,15th and 27th

Oct: 07th,14th,21st and 28th

Nov: 04th,11th,18th and 25th

Dec: 02nd,09th,16th, and 23rd


Rafting Grading system

In Nepal there are dissimilar the rafting category as a grade as per people’s feeling to rafting in river and water force. To really enjoy your rafting holiday it is important to prepare yourself physically and to choose a river that which grade’s river is suitable for you. For this reason we have graded our river to provide an indication of what is required. Please remember though, that only minimal exercise is required to prepare you for most of our trips.

Grade I:

Flat water (Skill Level: Very Basic)

These types of rivers are flat and slow moving. A river with a I grade listed will have some flat spots. A completely 1 graded river will be totally flat. This kind of river is good for sightseeing and relaxing. Rapti River in Chitwan is categorized 01 grade in Nepal.


Grade II:

 Bubbling current (Skill level: basic paddling skill)

In grade II  river some rough water, maybe some rocks, might require some maneuvering. This grad river is flat but moving little bit faster than grade I. Seti and Madi River are Graded 02 category in Nepal.


Grade III:

 Technical & Exciting (Skill level: experienced paddling skills)

In a Grade III  river, the rapids are becoming more serious and technical. Grade III  and above can only be rafted with trained guides. This is a fun river with lots of excitement. In the river you will found small waves, maybe a small drop and some rapids.


Grade IV:

Seriously big rapids (Skill level: whitewater experience)

Grade IV or above grad you required previous experience and good physical fitness.  This is where the adrenaline gets going; grade iV River has a fast moving current with many big drops and rapids. This kind of river is action packed and needs technical paddling. In the river you will found medium waves, rocks, considerable drop. Bheri, Bhotekosi and Arun River are categorized as IV  Grade River in Nepal.


Grade V:

The hair-raising limit (Skill level: advanced whitewater experience)

Grade V  is a serious river not for the faint hearted, with a torrent like current and huge rapids this is the ultimate in white water adventures. In the river you will found large waves, large volume, large rocks, large drop, requires precise maneuvering. Sunkosi and Karnali River are grade 05 categories in Nepal.


Grade VI:

un-navigable (Skill level: successful completion of a Class 6 rapid without serious injury)

Please note that most rivers contain more than one grading. For example a grade I –V  river will contain elements of all four grades, flat spots, slower small rapids and some big fast rapids. The grade also varies depending on the season and the amount of water running down the river. Rafters can expect to encounter substantial huge waves, huge rocks and hazards, and huge drops.

Trip Facts

Duration: 10 days

Best Time: Feb-April and Oct-Dec

Group Size: 2-12

Grade: V

Accommodation: Hotel, Lodge & Camping

Transportation: Private Vehicle & Tourist Bus

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